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Así son los gustos en videojuegos de la gente de Bethesda

¿Alguna vez te habías preguntado si la gente que trabaja en el mundillo del videojuego también juega y qué gustos tiene?. Pues bien, Bethesda (Oblivion y Fallout entre otros) acaba de publicar en su blog una lista completa de personas del estudio con sus nombres y los títulos a los que están jugando ahora mismo. En ella, sorprende ver como algunas personas juegan a juegos que ya tienen un tiempo, otros con juegos de IPhone y dos de ellos viciando al nuevo Fallout: New Vegas que tendremos por aquí a finales de Octubre.

Ya os dejo con la lista original publicada en el blog de Bethesda.

Gary Noonan: Fallout3 (PC) w/ many great fan-made mods.
Ashley Cheng: Carcassonne for iPhone/iPad.
Caedmon Somers: Super Stardust in 3D and Uncharted 2.
Pete Hines: Carcassone iPhone, Castle Crashers, NCAA ’11, Crackdown 2
Frank Matzke: I’ve at least unwrapped my copy of Red Dead (dunno whether this counts as playing?), then there’s the occasional round of After Burner Climax (brings back a lot of great memories) and I was really happy to finally get two extra characters (incl. my 2nd favorite Cammy) for the iPhone version of Street Fighter IV.
Shannon Bailey: Resonance of Fate.
Ryan Salvatore: Hopefully some more Red Dead Redemption, some WoW, and seeing if I have the hard drive space to install some of the 20 games I bought last week off of Steam.
Matt Grandstaff: Finishing Alan Wake, starting Red Dead Redemption, and waiting for NCAA Football 11.
Matt Weil: Batman: Arkham Asylum, Dragon Age, and League of Legends.
Michael Musick: Just finished Alan Wake (I was particularly impressed with the musical direction). Playing through Wolfenstein 2009 right now, along with the original Quake and Shatter on Steam.
Ryan Lea: Super Mario Galaxy 2 and World of Goo.
Amber Hinden: Puzzle Quest 2 and Blue Dragon.
Ken Barner: I’ven’t played a game since last week. I was playing Vampire: Bloodlines which has some great content but was too bug-riddled for me to tolerate. It’s a game that demonstrates the importance of balance between the provision of time/money by publishers, the restraint in content addition and efficiency of content correction by developers, and the timely thoroughness of bug discovery and documentation by QA.
Greg Hounsom: FIFA South Africa 2010.
Jon DeVriendt: StarCraft II Beta!!
Mark Lampert: Red Dead Redemption.
Nick Heller: I’m in the middle of Red Dead and Uncharted 2.
Alistair Hatch: This weekend I will be attempting to play Split / Second – havent had this much fun with a racing game for ages. Red Dead – slowly working my through it. And I might start Singularity if I have any time. However, I have a wedding to go to and it’s the world cup final this weekend, so lots going on!
Aaron Mitschelen: Trinity Universe, Deathsmiles, Persona 3 Portable, and Record of Agarest War.
E McNeill: Returning to my old loves – Civilization 2, Lords of the Realm 2, and Heroes of Might and Magic 3.
Alec Ahearn: I’ve got over 90 hours in Demon’s Souls and still play every night. Plan to start ModNation Racers here pretty soon and am still having regular MW2 Lan parties with my friends
Andrew Buscaglio: The Secret of Monkey Island 2: SE, Counter-Strike: Source, and waiting on Star Craft 2.
Dan Ross: Fallout: New Vegas, DoW2: Chaos Rising, and Clean Up After The New Puppy.
Nate Purkeypile: TF2 Engineer update, Dawn of War 2: Chaos Rising, and Blur.
Rob Bartholomew: Carcassonne, Galaxy on Fire and Darkstar One, yes I had a bit of a thirst midweek for a decent update of Elite, would love to hear recommendations.
Matt Killmon: Mass Effect 2 and Ace Attorney 3 (finally!)
Michael Lattanzia: Monster Hunter Tri, Lord of the Rings Online, and trying out lots of games on my new PC!
Matt Ponton: Alan Wake.
Max Cameron: Playing inFamous and eagerly awaiting for my copy of Dragon Quest IX to arrive next week.
Marisa Lyon: Dabbling in Bioshock 2 Multiplayer and starting Lego Harry Potter.
Sam Bernstein: Fallout: New Vegas.
Andrew Langlois: Team Fortress 2: Engie Edition, Puzzle Quest 2, and Red Dead Redemption.
Allan Jaffee: Finishing God Of War III, Re-Playing Heavy Rain, and Lanning Left for Dead 2.

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